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Alex Emmathom, Photo, Street Photo, Black and White Photo

I really... Really like Photography ;-)


The point is that I do not feel I am a good photographer as my skills aren't that good ( I am doing hard learning as much as my job lets me some times free... ).

I do like to make photos, walking in the streets or special places and to look at people around, hopefuly sharing a short time with them, getting their smiles and luckily few words when they can see their photo on my camera back screen.

About photo, I have nothing to sell ;-)  How could I have...

My purpose is just about the pleasure to share something with people I do not know.

If not, just to being there... And spending some nice time.
That means for me going to meet people and not "taking photos". I do not want to steal a picture. I am not a spy. I just try to be a kind of photographer...

I do not hide my behavior. I really prefer that people can see me, and little by little accept me. Then, I am becoming almost invisible. I am just a part of the place.

They forget about me and are just doing their stuff.

Now, I can start to make some photos ; quietly.

WIX website is a good way for me to share some of my photos, and hopefully to get some nice contacts with photo enthousiasts as well.

I have no particular pride about my photos. Some are good (often by a bit of chance) some aren't. It doesn't matter much. They are a part of the time I have spent out with my cameras.



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